The job hunt goes on.

My husband did not get the call back they said he'd get afterall. He got one of those don't call us, we'll call you emails.  They found someone else apparently.

So, he continues the job hunt.  He applied for a couple this morning that are new and very close to home and would be great as well, so keeping those fingers crossed he gets another call soon.

We're doing okay on his Unemployment checks and my paychecks, but there is zero wiggle room, and it's more than a little stressful at times. Thankfully I'm staying organized and keeping up with finances. We may be having a bunch of people for Thanksgiving, so we may have to get a little creative there. At least I got a great turkey on sale like super cheap.

I've been pretty sleep deprived lately, so I've not been up to blogging, but I have some great ideas, and will hopefully be posting soon!  I've even considered doing some videos now and then, like room tours and how-tos or a planner set up video or even a Day in the Life video.  Not sure yet.

If anyone's reading this blog still and has any ideas or request for blog posts or videos, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!