A New Video is Up: My Finances Book

Hey y'all!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my YouTube channel and watched my first video.  Lots of big smiles here seeing that happen. :)

I have finally figured out (sort of)  what I'm doing and actually had a little spare time with hubby was gone to work and kids were asleep and there was daylight!  In this house, that doesn't happen often on my schedule!

I filmed a video on the "book dori"  I made for my finances.  I talk a little about how I made it and even link to the video I saw that taught me how to do it.  Then I talk a little about how I use the books inside and budget and plans.

I may do a more in depth talk on our 6 Phase Plan and how we use the cash envelopes in another video if anyone wants to see that.

Let me know if there's any other videos you'd like to see or blog posts.

Thanks for reading and watching!