Finally! I can't wait to use my new camera!

So, I checked tracking for the camera batteries and charger tonight.  The batteries are to replace the dead one that I got in my new-to-me camera from Amazon marketplace.

I'm still not sure how it could have been in Greeneville, TN at 5:01pm and then in Knoxville at 6:16pm and then leave Knoxville at 9:16pm on it's way to Greeneville (where I live).  Oh USPS... you need help sometimes.   But at least I should get it tomorrow!  When it leaves Knoxville at night, I always get the package the next day.  So  woohoo!!!!

When I can finally get it working and learn to use it, I'll be able to get better photos and finally do videos!  Very exciting stuff! (For me anyway!  haha)