I waited all day.  I asked my kids several times all day if there was any sound of a package being thrown on the porch (I don't expect much from mail carriers to be honest anymore)... I had my kids check mail twice and my husband checked it again when he ran out to the store. Nothing.  6pm rolls around and still nothing.  So I check tracking which had said "Out for Delivery" all day... and suddenly it says they tried to deliver it at 5:40pm but could not find a secure location to leave it.  That is such bull crap!

They never even got out of their car and knocked on the door.  Hell I bet they never even came to our neighborhood and haven't since the ice storm. No way we go 3 days without checking mail and it still be empty.  What happened their their code of honor or whatever? I am so ticked off!

So I called the 800 number and rescheduled and gave directions to leave it at the door.  I am not dealing with this another day.  SICK of it!

In other news, I cleaned out my walk in closet!  Seriously, I could not even walk into it. We'd been reaching into it to try to grab things, but mostly our clothes were hanging in the laundry room.  The floor of the closet was piled about 3-4 ft high with bags, boxes, wrapping paper, and stuff. So, I set my timer for 15 minutes and told myself I had to work at least that long on it.  I ended up continuing even after it went off, and it still took less than half an hour, but now it;s all organized.  We can walk all the way into it, and I stacked and bagged and put stuff away on the upper shelves.  Sorry I did not think to get photos. Wish I had my new camera batteries that are at the POST OFFICE!.... ahem. 

Yeah I need to chill a little and get to work.

More snow is on its way!  The USPS better get a dang snowmobile and get to my house tomorrow!

Stay warm y'all!