My cat came home and MORE SNOW!

Porchie is home!  He came home and scratched at the door this afternoon.  He's been in is box asleep ever since. Well, he got up a couple times to get pettin's and use the litter box and went back to his box to sleep.  He's currently snoring away next to me.  I guess he must have been awake all night to be this tired. Everything was covered in snow and it's been COLD. I have no idea where he was, but I am very glad he's back home safe and sound!

I'm still not feeling well. Feels like a stomach virus. Feel five elsewhere, but my tummy is very not happy with me.  Nothing I ate though and it's been a little over a day now. I sure hope no one else in the family gets it! 

It is currently snowing here AGAIN!

This was on the porch rail of my front porch at 3am on February 26, 2015.

This porch had been clear before it started snowing tonight. This was taken at 3am Feb 26, 2015.

It is pretty though.

I just wish my husband didn't have to drive to work on unplowed roads by 6am. :(  He never calls in due to weather, ever. We don't have a 4x4 either, he drives a 20+ year old Dodge sedan. Praying once again that he makes it there and back safely.

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