My Daughter's Birthday! The Valentine Baby!

It's so hard to believe Faelyn is 17 now!

Me holding Faelyn in 1998.  She was so cute and tiny. She didn't resemble the other girls much at all.

Faelyn, the 17 year old goofball, about to blow her candles out.

She asked her boss, Miss Debbie, the lady who had made Corina's wedding cake, to make her birthday cake.  It was SO good!

 Then we started with the presents. Faelyn is run almost purely by emotion. I've never met anyone so emotional or so obvious about their emotions... Watching her go from happy to excited to OMG is hilarious.

Miss Debbie even said we'd better watch her at her wedding.  She might get so excited she'll pass out LOL!  Today she did almost hyperventilate. I'm glad she was so happy. :)

We held her party at the local trading card gaming store that's run by a friend of ours. She had a ton of friends come, and it lasted from 2pm til around 9pm when we finally bugged out, and then most of the teens decided to move the rest of the party to another friends' house and do an all night gaming session and then play games again tomorrow.  These kids know how to have a winter break! They don't go back to school until Thursday.

Rhiannon (the one in the scarf) had come in this weekend for Faelyn's birthday, and it was so great seeing the two of them and their friends.  They have mostly all the same friends and similar interests (geek/hipsters).

Last night, we had a family gathering at our house to give some gifts. Her grandmother gave her the gifts from her and her grandpa.  Then her boyfriend, Austin, and her Dad and I all gave her our gift we got together.  We went in halvsies on a new laptop for Faelyn.  It's a really nice one (better than my work computer).  Austin proposed the idea to us, and since we would have to get her one eventually for college anyway, we decided this was a good time to get it.  So we used the tax refund money to pay our half.  So, now she'll have it the rest of her junior year and all of her senior year then into college.  She'd better make it last that long!  When she opened it, she was so happy, she cried! That poor girl! haha

Christopher and I haven't had a real "Valentine's Day" since she was born, but that's totally okay.   Faelyn is a sweet, funny, awesome kid, and I cherish every single one of these birthdays I get to dote on her.  Some day too soon, we'll have our Valentines days back to just me and him.  We'll do our romantic date stuff then.  For now, it's all about the girl. :)

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day!