Not a happy camper

Hey again y'all!

I was SO excited today when my camera arrived!  I bought it refurbished on Amazon from one of their marketplace sellers. I was worried it wouldn't have everything, but it did which was great.  I noticed the battery was dead, so I set it to charge and went back to bed.

This afternoon I went to grab it to take with me when I walked the dogs, but it was dead still.  It had charged about 3 or 4 hours.  So I thought maybe the computer connection wasn't enough, so I plugged in the charger into the wall.  3.5 hours later, it was still dead.  Y'all I am so upset!

I was lucky enough to find a great deal on a 2 pack of replacement batteries plus a charger with a car adapter all for less than $12 and free shipping, so I went ahead and ordered that. So, now I wait another week to be able to use my camera :(

I might try to go ahead and film something on my new tablet. It's kind of crappy, but who knows, maybe it'll surprise me.  I can at least take photos with my phone that don't suck.

Here's a few photos I've been posting on Instagram and Facebook since I've been away from my Blog. These are pages from from my fauxbonichi journal.

 Hopefully I'll be back soon with more stuff to talk about!