Well, I *was* going to do a video twice a week on my days off...

I originally planned on doing a video on my nights off, Saturday and Tuesday, so they'd get uploaded on Sunday and Wednesday.  Unfortunately, today I have just been super busy and then just felt out of sorts. Got a bit of a tummy issue, maybe due to switching the protein powder I usually use.  Really wish I'd stayed with the other one. 

But anyway, not only that, but this evening, we all sort of realized my cat, Porchie was not making a nuisance of himself. Faelyn said she let him out this morning, and hadn't seen him since. It snowed 4-6 inches overnight and this morning. I went out and called for him several times, but his distinct scratch at the door was never heard. I just pray that he's found some other home in the neighborhood where he probably eats 2nd or 3rd dinners and they've let him in out of the cold. Not sure why else he never came home.  I don't even want to think about it, but to be honest I have a sick feeling.  Hopefully tomorrow, I'll wake up and he'll have come home, been let in and he'll be curled up around my head as normal.

So yeah just not in the mood to do a video or much of a blog post tonight. Hopefully after I see my sweet boy again, I'll be in better spirits. Seriously though, the damn snow can just stop already.