Back to Dollywood! Opening weekend 2015 Season.

We got season passes to Dollywood again this year.  They have an amazing installment plan now that makes it much easier to get the passes for a larger family. Opening weekend was March 21-22, with a special day on the 20th for pass holders only.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go until Sunday, but that's okay.

I did a video while we were there if you'd like to see it. :)

I didn't get too many photos on this one since I was doing video.  But I did get to use my zoom on the bald eagles. Usually I was never able to get good shots of them since my phone didn't zoom.  My new little point and shoot isn't too bad.

One of the coolest rides from the outside is the Mystery Mine since it's a partially indoor roller coaster.

The General Store.  I love this place.

Unfortunately, Zoe got sick after we'd been there a couple of hours, so we headed out.  She did ride the Firechaser Express which we'd been trying to get her to ride all last year.  So, that's a plus anyway.  No the roller coaster didn't make her sick lol.  It was caused by something else.

From there, we headed back to Rhiannon's college to drop her off after Spring Break.  It was not the best week for me I'm afraid.  I was having some pretty down days, and it affected the house and my sleep patterns. Rhiannon ended up sleeping most of the week anyway - probably catching up on it after a busy semester.

Then we headed home and I slept .. a lot. This week, I've had a tension headache for about 4 days and it's not going away. So, I am going to try to sleep it away tonight as well. 

So, please enjoy the video, it's not really great quality LOL.  Hopefully I'll improve greatly at taking videos :)

Have a great week!