Time For a Change

I've felt like it's been time for a change in what I see in the mirror. It's been a long time coming. It's going to be a process.

First, I decided I was sick of my long scraggly hair that was starting to turn gray, especially the roots. I'd been excited about having silver hair, but I don't like Helen Mirren or EmmyLou Harris. Nope.
So, the first step was to cut my hair, and then dye it.  For some reason, I was all for ANY color. I considered pink, turquoise, purple, bright red... and my husband agreed on red.  Well, technically my hair *is* red, so I guess he felt that was the least shocking?  I was fine with it looking like an obviously fake color, so I figured I'd get a wild red.

So, yesterday, 3 of my daughters and I went to the mall an hour away, and they shopped, while I got my hair cut.  They took about 6 inches off and more in some places. I got it layered, which I realized was a bad idea when she tried to blow dry it straight... yeah that didn't work.  I was a poof ball.  So she flat ironed it, but by the time we were done shopping at Target, TJ Maxx and Books A Million, you would have never known it was once straight at all. POOF.  I was really worried I'd made a terrible mistake.

On the way back home, we stopped at Sally Beauty Supply, and my college girl who is home on Spring Break got some lavender hair dye and a bleach kit. So, I looked for the brightest red hair dye I could get without bleaching mine.  Mine is already frizzy, I didn't want to damage it more than necessary. My kid also said she thought I'd need 2 packs since my hair was long, so since the really bright one only had one box, I went for the next brightest.  It's by Ferria, and was really pretty on the model.  I knew it would not look like that on me, but I was willing to see what it would do. 

When I got home, I called my oldest daughter who dyes her hair all the time (and her sister in law's) and she was excited to do mine.  So at 1am in the morning, she came over and dyed my hair. When it was all done, I used the diffuser on my hair dryer (for curls) and I loved it! It looks wild and crazy, but it's different!  It's a lot darker, and makes my face look even paler, so my makeup will likely change a little. The cool thing is, it's purple in the sunlight. It's definitely a wine color, not a bright red, and the highlights are purple.  Very cool.

I wouldn't have had purple hair when I was in my 20s, but at age 44, going on 45,...  I'm perfectly cool with purple hair.

Here's the pics...

BEFORE... long and scraggly!

MIDDLE.. after the hair cut but before the dye.

Like my shirt?  it says Pugs and Kisses!  LOL

And AFTER!  Cut and dyed and blow dried to be super curly!

Step 2 will be getting new glasses. No clue what color yet, but they'll be plastic again.  I prefer them. Probably black geek glasses, but who knows!

Step 3 will finally be getting my lower dentures done. In fact, my teeth are why I'm not doing vlog videos.. I just can't show my face on videos yet.  I did a test video, and I just can't do it.  But it's been the final push I needed to finally get them done.  I was going to last year, and just kept putting it off. But no longer.  My husband's benefits take effect at the end of April, so we'll have two dental plans on me at that time. No more excuses.

So far, I am feeling pretty good about everything. Optimistic!  Which is good because otherwise I feel like crap at the moment.  Walking around all day after driving for 5 hours to get my kid from college the day before... well my body decided today was NO.  I was supposed to get up and go grocery shopping before my husband went to work, but when I found out he called in sick (flu with a fever of 102.6), I stayed in bed, and then realized how sore I was.  I should have taken Ibuprofen earlier, but all I wanted to do was lay there.  I ended up staying in bed til time to go to work.  I feel awful about it.  I wasted a whole day, but I guess in the end, my body needed the rest.  Tomorrow I plan on being super productive.  I already have a head start getting all the dishes done and kitchen cleaned up. Ready for a good week!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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