A year? Really?

My goodness!

It's no wonder I lost about a dozen followers on here.

First of all, I want to say HI!!  to anyone who's actually reading this and especially to those who used to read my blog and came back to see if I was still alive.

Boy, what a year it's been!

Probably the biggest thing was that my daughter, Rhiannon, got married!

But that's certainly not the only thing.

I'm going to try to catch y'all up on the big stuff, and maybe do some storytime posts about other stuff.

I also want to maybe start vlogging. I'd post them on YouTube, and then also put them into posts here, maybe along with more photos and text elaborating on what I talk about in the vlog.

I'm not going to bore y'all with a bunch of stuff right now.  But please do check back. I'm pretty sure this time, it won't take me a year to post again!

Love y'all!


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