First Spring break is over.

Hi y'all.  I just wanted to give a quick update.

Faelyn's Spring Break is over.  I drove her back to Berea this past Sunday. As nice and laid back the first past of last week was, and with all the stuff I got done around the house... it was pretty much the opposite for the last part of the week.

Thursday, we headed to the Mall which is about 45 minutes away and had eye exams for Ren, Faelyn and Christopher. We were able to order Christopher's new glasses, but the girls got new glasses last June, so they can't get new ones yet. They were both kind of upset about it, since both their prescriptions changed.  But Ren doesn't even wear her glasses now. I have no idea how she can see to get through a normal day. Faelyn wanted to get new lenses on our second insurance, which I was fine with, but her frames are actually broken at the temple.  It's hard to see, but it's bad enough they can't change the lenses. The guy said they'll be eligible for a whole new set in June, so they'll just have to wait.

When we got home from the mall around 8pm, Faelyn's friends were already there. We'd picked up Ducky at his dorm on the way home as well.  So there was a house full of college kids for the rest of the night.  They stayed over and slept all over the living room, so I couldn't get anything done.

But I figured I'd get it caught up the next day, but they ended up basically coming and going and staying until Saturday afternoon. I tried picking up after folks the best I could. I wasn't really able to sweep and I definitely couldn't mop, though the hallway really needed it with PorchCat missing the litterbox every time. The kitchen table was constantly covered in stuff.

Saturday afternoon and evening, it started to wind down. Christopher and I went to see Logan, which made him an emotional wreck. When we got home, Faelyn wanted to play some games, so we played a few word games that Christopher likes, to cheer him up.

Also going on this past week, something that also stressed me out and pretty much ruined all the rest of my routines...  the stove stopped working. This actually happened on Wednesday, so when Thursday rolled around and I had a house full of people, I couldn't cook for them.  I hated that. They seemed to make do with McDonalds though. I had wanted to get an electrician out to look at the breaker, but none were available. We googled it and read as much as we could, and it sounded like it was the breaker. Then we both kind of got the idea to google one more thing,... the stove top had stopped but the oven was working, and everything we saw about the breaker didn't match that... so we looked up the oven working but not the stove top and found out it could be a loose wire.  So Christopher took the back off the stove and looked at the wiring and found a couple that were bare, but nothing loose.  So we wrapped them in electrical tape.  When I went to turn the breaker back on, I noticed one of the two breakers that control the stove was a little looser than the other as well, so I made sure to do it twice.  Then we tested it and the stove works again!!!

I was so thrilled!  Thank goodness I won't have an electrician bill!

So, then Sunday, we slept in since the daylight savings started and got on the road by 2:30.  Christopher was going to have to drive Austin's old clunker car to work, since I had to take the van to Berea, and our other two vehicles both need brake work.  In the end he called in since the car was making noises and didn't seem reliable for the long commute back in the dark on back country roads. So, since he stayed home, he made dinner and cleaned up a little bit.I noticed he put some things in the dishwasher that hadn't been washed off first.  I know it seems silly for that to bug me now after all these years of doing the same, but I can't stand that now.  I didn't say anything to him though, I just took them out and rinsed them in hot water and put them back in it. We actually went 2 days without having to run it!

I had taken Sunday night off work, and I switched so I have to work this coming Friday instead. I need to build up my vacation time for this summer!  The trip to Berea and back was very nice.  Good weather both ways. We stopped at Walmart there in Berea and got her some food and drinks for her dorm room and some new shoes.  They have lower sales tax in KY, so we shop there if possible.
Then we took a couple of trips carrying her stuff back up to her dorm room, and I hugged her goodbye again.  She'll be home soon actually.  Her finals are the first week of May and she'll be home that weekend for the summer. In fact, she and Rhiannon will both be here all summer since Rhi's husband is being deployed again.  Ducky might be here as well, though he's trying to get a summer internship at the college so he can live there. But either way, we'll have a ton of people at the house all summer long.  I'd better get better about these new habits I'm building and figure out how to make them work even with people everywhere.  I think I'll have to lay down some laws. I may have to start setting certain days for certain tasks.  I prefer to just do things as I think of them or come to them, but that is probably just not going to work with so many people.

Okay, well, I'm about to fall asleep writing this, so I'll see you soon!