Got a Sick Kid and Hubby, and the Stove Died. Again!

Last Friday was picture day at Ren's school.  I'm so glad it was then and not this week.  The poor thing is so sick.  Saturday she was mostly okay.  She's anemic and has some annoying allergies sometimes, so she never really feels great, but by Sunday we knew it was more than allergies. She kept running a very low grade fever, but it never really got over 99.9.  Her throat looked painful just to look at.  Now that's kind of normal with her allergies, but this time it definitely looked different than an allergy-induced sore throat.  The worst part was the head congestion.  The poor thing just couldn't sleep.  She'd lay down and start coughing and have trouble breathing.  She finally moved to the recliner in the living room and passed out from exhaustion finally.

Christopher's work schedule changed this week, and where he used to have his one evening a week on Sunday nights, now it's on Monday nights.  That means he's home pretty much all day on Mondays. I love that so much! He got up and took her to her pediatrician's office, but they were swamped.  Then he took her to the new clinic where her favorite doctor had moved to, but they couldn't take her til they moved her medical history over (they use the other hospital in town, and I'm not sure I'm thrilled about that, but I'm still thinking about it.). Then he took her to two different urgent care clinics til he found one that could work her in.  Everyone in town is sick!

She said the wait to be seen was the worst.  She just felt so bad.  Finally she ended up diagnosed with "A Cold" and given a ton of prescriptions for the symptoms. She got a note to be out today and tomorrow, and the Dr said to just try to get her meds in her and sleep.  So, she's been sort of out of it all evening. Her cough medicine really knocked her out, but she did get up to eat something, then took more medicine and went to curl up on my bed. She says it's more comfy because we have so many pillows, awwww!

So, then I logged into work, and Christopher left for work. That brings me to the stove part of my story, but I'll come back to that.

When Christopher got home from work, he was SO sick!  He blamed Ren for getting him sick, lol but I reminded him, he was in 4 different doctors offices full of sick people today.  He could have caught anything!  So he ate his dinner and went and curled up next to Ren who was thankfully sound asleep and NOT coughing her head off.  And soon he was out too. I could not be more thankful for being from good hardy immune system stock.

So, back to the stove. I don't remember if I already blogged about it or not, but the day before Faelyn's friends all came over and ended up being at my house for 3 days, my stove stopped working!  The lights still came on indicating the burner or oven was on.  And the oven did seem to heat up.  But all 4 of the burners had gone out at once.  Once I can understand, but all 4 was fishy. After buying a 2-burner cooktop thing to use in the meantime, Christopher had pulled out the stove, taped up some wires and put it back, and I flipped the breaker back on, and it worked! ...  Until today.

I am convinced it's the top one of the two breakers that go to the stove. I absolutely cannot afford an electrician right now, so unless it decides to start working again, I'll have to make do with the smaller 2-burner thing that takes forever to heat up.  It does work well eventually.  It got the food up to a good boil and simmered it well. So that's a blessing at least. It makes getting dinner ready and sticking to my habits and routines a little more challenging, but that's okay. I just hope it's not going to mean having to get a whole new stove.  This one isn't anything special, and it's all scratched up and stained, but it's worked well for us the whole time we've been here.. well until now.

I know my cabinets need scrubbing.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get some day light pics of the house as it is right now. Overall, it's staying decluttered at least.  The hallway needs mopped AGAIN, but I know it'll get better when I replace the littler box with the bigger one I used to have there. This new one is just not working with my huge monster cats. Kitchen is clean, dishes caught up.  I'm not even sure there's enough dirty dishes to run the dishwasher tonight. Last night it was still so empty I stuck in some of the stuff I have out of the open shelves that had gotten dusty or full of flying cat hair - it happens.  Laundry is all caught up. I even threw Ren's comforter in the dryer to get it warmed up for her and she was curled up in the recliner today.

I *REALLY* need to get my office taken care of.  It's so disorganized and cluttered.  Having these animals in here is no easy.  I've basically lost the use of my closet, and I'm constantly having to clean up after the rabbits when they get out to exercise.  Don't get me wrong. I love the animals.  I just wish there was a better way to have them in here and still have room to get to my stuff and organize my things. Oh and forget flat surfaces... I can't just use a shelf or table to put things,... those are the cats' spots. Truly, this is the animals' room, and I just work in here.  I think though, that since the rest of the house is staying okay with my habits and routines (and my family no longer being slobs yay!) , when I get the Spring Cleaning bug (and I know I will), I'm gonna open the window, put on some music and tackle this room - AGAIN.  I wonder how many times in a year I can reorganize the same room? >_>

Hope y'all have a great week and stay well!

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