Issue with the comments form

First of all I want to apologize to everyone who ever left a comment on my blog. I realized the comment program didn't seem to be working on mobile devices which is what people mainly use now. So I decided to go back to Blogger comments. Unfortunately that removed all the comments from the other program. And now I can't get Blogger comments to cooperate either. Hopefully I'll get it figured out.

***EDIT ***  Well after a lot of searching and playing around, I finally figured it out.  I got the comment form set to show up, but apparently because I had a 3rd party comment program for comments back when Blogger changed to some new system, the default setting for each individual post is to NOT allow comments.  So every time I write a new post, I have to remember to allow the comment form to show.  Very annoying, but a lot less of a hassle than everything else had been.

I do miss all those lovely comments I'd gotten on my posts over the years, but that program was just not working for me anymore.

Love you all!

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