New pics of the guest bed.

Hey y'all.  Yesterday I mentioned that I didn't have any current pics of the guest bed, so I took some tonight after work. I figured I'd just go ahead and post them here in a new blog post.

They're not great quality.  My phone's camera sucks and it's dark out so no natural light.

So, when you come into the office and look around the chest of drawers in the doorway, under the loft, this is it. Like I said, it's just two twin mattresses sitting on top of each other on the floor.  When the rabbits get out to run around the room, a plexiglass barrier is put up so they can't even get near the bed.  Nope, that's not happening!

That stuffed bunny is one that my mom made for my oldest daughter, and I'm keeping it safe here at the house for her until she has somewhere it can be safe from cats and the dog etc. My animals leave it alone.   The little shelf/desk above the bunny is the built in desk to the loft bed. I keep my planner/scrapbook stuff there.Next to it is the real bunny's cage with the shelf over it that holds my makeup.  I try to keep everything in its place, but Ren comes in here to use my makeup and mirror and makes a mess every morning, and I just don't feel like cleaning it up every time.

I strung up white lights around it. I just love how it looks when the overhead light is off.

The stuff on the wall is from when the craft table was under there.  I have another big shelf to go on that wall when I get good wall anchors. I just want to put pretty things that make me smile there. I'm even thinking of putting fabric on the back of the dresser or painting it.

The two white pillow cases are from Christopher's grandmother and are hand embroidered.  The quilt on the bed is from when the girls were little.  The floral quilt is my favorite thing, but it's so raggedy, that just that small part of it is free from tears and holes. :(  I just can't make myself throw it out though. So it stays here to make me happy.

I know it looks a bit girly and juvenile, but I had to use what I had, and I've been raising 4 girls for the past 25 years, so it's what I had lol. I like it. :)  When I finally get around to really decorating the whole office/chick cave, it'll be done in a soft green and pink, with cherry blossoms and dogwood flowers and other florals. The rest of the house is pretty dark with heavy dark furniture and is mostly all stuff Christopher likes.  My kitchen is yellow because he wants a yellow kitchen.  But I got my red and aqua stuff in there anyway. But my office will be whatever I want.  Right now it's a mess and a mishmash of stuff and the old sheetrock patterned walls. UGLY. But it's mine :)

Y'all have a great day! I have to deal with the dentist today and I'm not happy about it.

See ya soon!