Slowing down a little

For the past few weeks I've been running on high speed basically. During my breaks at work, I'd do house work of some kind.  After work, I'd get all the laundry done, washed, dried, folded hung and all put away. No one ever had more than 2 outfits dirty at any one time.  Towels were always available.  Dishes were always done each night and my kitchen wiped down and clean and sparkling, swept and usually mopped each night before bed. Living room picked up and dust-mopped. Dining table always cleared off with the nice placemats and centerpiece.

I was pretty tired, but I LOVED how my house looked, felt and smelled. I didn't mind being tired, and I did take it a little easier on my days off form work. I'd developed habits to keep on going at that pace... or so I thought.

Having Faelyn and her fiance Austin here for most of last week for her Spring Break was great, but like I said in my last post, I fell out of my habits, because I actually couldn't do most of them.  The house was full of college kids, many of them not mine for about 3 days straight. The biggest issue is that I do all of my cleaning at night due to my work schedule.  But during the times I'd be in the mood and wanting to go sweep and mop and pick up after everyone and scrub down things... the main living area was off limits due to sleeping people everywhere.

So, the habits I'd worked hard on and pushed through some tired days to keep at have started to not quite be habits anymore....  but I can't really blame it all on the kids.  I have been having real trouble sleeping this week, and my arthritis is killing me.  Just sitting in the recliner tonight trying to just relax and watch TV with the cat in my lap, I was nearly in tears from my knee killing me. I hadn't done anything to it. It just decided to pick that time to remind me that joint isn't what it used to be. Same goes for my back and hips.  I do take pain relievers and deal with it, but it just slows you down, ya know?  I still work on the dishes and make sure they're soaked and washed off before loading the dishwasher, but I'm not as much a stickler for making sure no dishes are sitting around the house.  I'm basically just too tired to go pick up the living room after someone leaves it or I forget a bowl by my chair. I do eventually get them, but not as quickly as I had been. I used to get a little twitchy if I saw anything on my kitchen floor.  Like seriously a couple of piece of cat food out of the bowl would have me getting out the broom.  But it was okay.  I loved seeing my clean kitchen floors.  I mopped usually every night unless it really just didn't need it. With 2 dogs and 4 cats plus my mother-in-law's visiting cat, it usually needed it. But I think the last time I mopped my kitchen floor was before Faelyn's friends came to spend those 3 days here. So.. about a week. It's not like there's gross sticky places or black marks.  Those would probably make me get the mop out pronto. I have mopped the hallway this week, but of course with my damn cat, it needs it every night.

Like for instance right now, I know there's two little puddles where Porchie went beside the litter box and Leo's butt wasn't completely inside the litter box. I need to clean them up and then mop the whole hallway - again.  But I can barely keep my eyes open.  I just felt the need to get my thoughts down and the blog came to mind.

I'm not feeling down emotionally.  I'm not letting it get to me or beating myself up about it.  But I do notice myself letting things go that I would not let go a couple of weeks ago.  But it's also not fallen into a complete state of chaos. Like I said a while back, laundry is caught up and can stand going a whole week without being done... and it's not had to yet.  I did do a load this week.  The hampers are full again and I should have done a load tonight, but it'll wait til tomorrow. There are not dishes piling up in my kitchen, though there may be some crumbs on the counter and splatters on the stove top.

Work has been kind of killer all week too, which may well be contributing.  When it's slow at work, I can hop up and go take care of a small chore.  But this week I have not had that luxury at all.

I know I need a rest, but I don't know that I'll get much of one this weekend.  I usually have Thurs, Fri and Sat off since I work 10 hour nights. But this week I am working Friday since I needed this past Sunday off to take Faelyn back to college . So, off work tonight (Thurs), then work Fri, then off Sat.  I mean, that's not terrible.  But I could really deal with a good sleep, and I'm just not getting it.

Later today (Friday)  I have to pay some bills, but thankfully I think I can do them all over the phone, but I have to figure out how to pick up Ren from chorus practice at 3:45, and the only vehicle I have is Austin's and it's a 1988 Nissan.  That's fine, I graduated college that year lol.  I drove cars back then like it, but it's old, and it makes a lot of noise, and Christopher will be out of town til late, and it's stressing me out. I can only hope that Corina will be able to pick her up for me.

Ok, now I'm rambling and can barely see the keyboard. Christopher gets up for work in 5 minutes and I have to wake up Ren for school an hour after that and make sure she gets up and stays up to get ready for picture day. I already paid for the pics. Maybe I can get a nap in there before her alarm goes off.

Have a great day and weekend y'all!  Oh and Happy St Paddy's Day!