The Boost I Needed

So yesterday I wrote about how I was slowing down, and haven't been doing as much as I had been or really wanted to get done.  Well when I woke up today, something kind of switched back on.  The first thing was my daughter, Corina, came over and walked into my bedroom and exclaimed how clean it was.  (It is so not clean, but it is mostly decluttered.) That was a nice feeling.  I'd actually decluttered my bedroom a few weeks ago, and had been regularly vacuuming it even.  Though it's been at least a week since the last vacuuming.  My husband never once even commented on it when I originally decluttered the space, and made it much easier to get to the closet every morning.  So, yeah it was nice to hear it from someone.

The next thing was that I walked out to the kitchen, and Wiggles, my daughter's dog, had decided to pee on the kitchen trash can, and the big black trunk we use as a side table in the living room. I was so annoyed, and I knew that just cleaning it up with a spray and paper towels was just not going to cut it.  The floors were bugging me already, and I knew it was time to just get them clean. So, while Corina hung out and we talked, I swept the living room and kitchen, then dust-mopped and got the mop bucket ready.  When she left to go pick up her little sister from chorus practice, I got into full cleaning mode and moved furniture, picked up rugs, swept the bathroom and hallway, then started mopping.  I did the main bathroom, the hallway, the living room, the kitchen and that back entry area. Oh it felt so good to get that clean.  Then I dumped my mop bucket (it was so gross- for just ONE WEEK yuck!) and refilled with hot water and vinegar.  I just rinsed the mop in that and spun it out, then went back over the places I'd mopped with the mostly dry mop and it's like you could feel the house breathe a sigh of relief.  It dried completely before they got home.  I also Febrezed the dog beds, litter box and the dogs' blankets. So much better.

With the floors done, I felt energized to get more done.  I had to go run an errand with Corina first though, and as soon as I got back in, I noticed the fresh air and the clean floors.  Ahhhh!  As much as I wanted to keep going with this new inspired want to get the house clean, it was unfortunately just 15 minutes before I had to start work.  So, I got dinner started, let Ren know what needed to be done.  Delegated the feeding and water of the cage animals and also unloading the dishwasher to the kid and the hubby, and got logged into work just in time to find out we had a big video chat meeting with the team.

So, work has been hectic and busy, but I do still get my breaks, and I've gotten the kitchen cleaned up, dinner packed up, laundry going and even rebooted. I even bagged up all the trash in the house since I didn't do that the night before trash pickup this week and they were getting close to full.  I put the dogs out and back in and back out.  They need a fence and a revolving door! They did get muddy pawprints on the floor, but a quick swipe with the still-damp mop cleaned them right up.

Feels good to get back to things that do actually bug me if I don't do them.  Maybe they became habits afterall, and it's been bugging me that I haven't been doing them because they ARE habits. Now everything feels right again.  Whew.

Oddly I am looking forward to rebooting laundry again after work and folding, hanging and putting away all the clean clothes and knowing I'm all caught up again.

Y'all have an awesome weekend!