The Games Shelves. Before and After.

While I completely forgot to get a Before pic for the back porch (to be honest, I don't know if I'd want to even show it!), I did remember to get a before photo for the games shelves in the hallway.

There's two book cases stuffed in my hallway so they look like they're built ins or some giant piece of furniture. We got them from Christopher's grandparents' estate.  I love them, but they are kind of big.  But mostly they were just stuffed with things and full of clutter. Being in the hallway between the main areas of the house and the girls' room, things just sort of got tossed onto the shelves. Well, Thursday night, the night before I had to drive 4 hours each way to go get Faelyn from college, I decided to tackle the shelves.

I went one shelf at a time, taking stuff off and wiping the shelf down with Pledge. I had stacks of games all over the living room.  The non-game stuff all went to where it should go. Ren and Christopher both had quite a bit of stuff on there. Then I started kind of sorting by type of game.  The word games are all together. The tile games are all together. European/strategy games are mostly all together. Games that take a lot of time to set up or have lots of little pieces are together. And so forth. Card games actually got their own shelf and a storage bin to help keep them all together and semi organized.

And so now, they look like this:

Now that I see this photo, I can see that Faelyn brought home Harry Potter Clue and just stuck it on a shelf.  That's okay, I can handle it lol.  Besides, she'll be taking it back with her.  She loves the game and there's some friends who want to play it still, but she brought it home to play with us. We'll have to make sure to do that before she leaves next weekend.

I took a pic of each book case as well:

The Febreze is there on purpose.  The litter box is right next to this book case, heh. Also, I see that there's no room for Harry Potter Clue here with the other larger box games. I'm sure I could move something around and make room. I know I'll have to this summer.  Each of my college kids took some games with them, so when they all come back, they'll have to find a new home on a shelf. Kind of like playing Tetris lol.

Ahhhh, it feels so much better walking down the cramped hallway now.  The bookcases take up a lot of room, but now that they're not stuffed full and are now neater, it actually makes the hallway feel more spacious and less cave-like walking down it to the bathroom or the girls' room. It just makes me happy to see it clean and organized.