Sidetracked by Gilmore Girls

Warning, this is a long rambling blog!

I've been sort of absent here for a month, though I did think about posting... I just found myself distracted.  I don't even know why I made the choice to start episode one, but once I clicked Play for the first time on Gilmore Girls, that was it.  I was done for until I was finished. I am a total stereotypical binge-watcher. Now, though, I am all done with the original series and the Year in the Life mini series. I feel like I've lost a best friend, though.  Anyone else feel that way?  I almost feel as if I'm homesick for Stars Hollow as well. The town will live on in my imagination... and probably fanfics.

During all this time, I did the barest of minimums around the house.  It basically got back to the way it had been before.  I'd cringe when I walked into my kitchen.  This would happen for a few days until I couldn't take it anymore and I'd get all the dishes done and scrub it down... then go another 3 or 4 days.  We ran out of clean towels more than once. My floors are sticky, in several rooms.  It's not good.

One thing I did that was weird and looking back on it, a little crazy - I completely rearranged my office.  I did it the night before I went to pick up my daughter from college for the summer! That was a week ago tomorrow, and there's still stuff in the living room that's supposed to be in this room!  The biggest problem was that it looked great and was so spacious... until she came home- with all her stuff!  The loft over the cozy guest bed is where all her stuff is supposed to go, but it was full of the collectibles I had taken off the walls. It mostly still is. I've put up one shelf. To be fair, I need more of the good wall anchors, and I won't have any extra spending money until Friday.

One good thing is that I had to take the rabbits and guinea pig out of the office and put them in the bedroom during all of this.  My husband's office is in the corner of the bedroom, and when I let him decided if the rabbits stayed or if I moved another dresser into the bedroom... he picked the rabbits.  I guess they keep him company in there. Unexpected. So, since they're not in the office, it certainly smells much better in here and is much cleaner (though still very cluttered with Faelyn's things). Due to that, Ren has decided she's going to sleep on the guest bed from now on while her sister(s) are home for the summer.  Rhiannon will be home next Saturday, and she'll be in the back bedroom with Faelyn.  So, Ren is giving up her whole room for the summer.  She's thinking about moving down the street to stay with her grandma for the summer too.  Either way is fine, but since she can sleep through anything, I won't have to move my computer to the bedroom afterall. I originally expected Ducky to sleep in this room and I would have to move to the bedroom, but he got an internship at the college he attends and they're letting him live on campus this summer.  So he's not moving home afterall.

I can only mow my yard on my days off which are Thur, Fri and Sat of each week, but the last couple of weeks it rained on those days.  I tried to get the back yard mowed last Wednesday before work, but only had time to do about a 1/4 of it before I had to get to work.  No one offered to finish it for me, so it's sat like that for another week.  Part of it looks like a hayfield! At least the front yard did get mowed once withing the last couple of weeks, so it's not quite gone feral yet.

So, sometime this weekend, I have to get both yards mowed. I also have to get caught up on laundry.  I was about a week or more behind before Faelyn got here, and I'm about as far behind now. I think one solid day of working on it will get it done.  It'll just be a lot of folding and hanging which I hate when it's behind.  One small load at a time I can handle... but a mountain of clean clothes might as well be Everest. I've also got to get the shelves put up, put my collectibles on them, put Faelyn's stuff on the loft and the non-living-room-things out of the living room. Once the floors are picked up, I HAVE TO MOP.  OMG it's making me nuts to know how gross my floors are.  The dogs do get crated at night and when I'm asleep usually, so it's not as bad as it could be, but now and then they'll be left alone, and Wiggles will mark a couch or table. In addition to all of that, I've got a ton of things to do with/for Ren. 

Ren is currently in Charleston, S.C. on a school trip.I was so proud to be able to afford to let her go. She even took a little spending cash (though not as much as I'd wanted her to take.)  She's been messaging me, and is having a pretty good time.  Tomorrow they take the boat to Fort Sumter and head to the beach.  Friday night, Christopher is closing at his store when he normally has the night off, so I have to borrow my mother-in-law's car to go pick up Ren when they get back.  Thankfully I'm off Fri night.  Then Saturday, we have to go to the seamstress for her second fitting for her 8th grade dance dress.  We bought it a long time ago at a thrift store, and it's way to big on her, so it's being majorly altered. Then we have to go get her nails done. I promised. Saturday evening, we're having a cookout, and I guess probably celebrating Mothers Day, maybe.  I have to work Sunday evening, and Christopher works all day Sunday.  So, I have to get Christopher to get his mom's gift too before Sat evening.

Since we've been so busy with work and going to get Faelyn etc, Christopher and I are behind on our date night TV watching.  We have two episodes of Lucifer to watch, and the 2nd episode of American Gods. I'm about 7 episodes behind in Supernatural and I haven't seen any Doctor Who since last season, not even the Christmas Special. I guess I have to be in the mood.  I think I'll catch up on Supernatural soon.  I don't want be spoiled on social media for the finale.

There's probably a lot more to talk about, but I guess I should get back to work and go get a mug of tea.  Have a great week!