Look what I found in our backyard.

Wild Grapes!

When we bought this place, it was in the dead of winter. All I knew was I had no neighbors behind me, just some trees, a hedgerow of a bunch of vines and bushes, and a view of the far off mountains. Well, now the view of the mountains is not quite so good, due to the huge amount of green stuff between here and there now. One of the things I had wondered about was the vines all over the evergreens. I figured it was just kudzu. (Remember you can click to see larger images)

However, much to my husband's and my delight we have found that they are in fact wild grape vines. And they are FULL of bunches!

Of course they're still very small, and we may actually lose every single one to the birds, but if I can get even one batch of wild grape jelly out of them I'll be thrilled. Heck if we get to just pick a few grapes worth eating off of them, I think we'll be happy!

I'm still hoping the overgrown field behind us (owned by the people in the big house on the hill hehe) is full of blackberry bushes our kids can collect this summer. Oh I can taste the cobblers already! I do love summertime!

Another great thing we've discovered in the back yard - this time outside my window - is that Mr and Mrs Cardinal's babies have been taught about the bird feeder and are visiting it on a daily basis now. I've seen two smaller Miss Cardinals at the feeder usually chirping loudly and fighting over who gets to be on it - even though there is plenty of room for several birds. Here's a photo of one of them. The other one is usually sitting on the branch right above it, planning a divebomb attack.

Just after I took this pic a little while ago, Daddy cardinal came to the feeder looking a little stressed. They've not been back since. I guess he caught them snacking before dinner time!


  1. How exciting to have wild grapes in your yard. Are those called Muskidimes? We used to pick some kind of little grapes in the woods when I was a little girl growing up in Alabama. How wonderful to have those gorgeous birds visiting you!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Looks like you live in a nice woodsy area. Hope you do get some of the grapes!

  3. What a FAB discovery! When we bought our old home that had been neglected in many ways... once we did a little gardening and watered... BEAUTIFUL flowers and plants popped up... it was and still is AMAZING!
    ENJOY your grapes!


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