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I really am going to post an update about my living room and the girls' rooms soon. I promise! However, it's not going to be at the moment. I will say the big room really did hold everything and there's still a big open area in the middle.

My oldest took the smaller room and decided she wanted to keep the couch. So, she has the computer desk and chair, her twin bed, chest of drawers and the couch as well as a couple of crates used as end tables or nightstands.

That leaves the little coffee table that had been in the bigger room. I am debating whether I want to put it back in the bigger room now in that open area with a couple of bean bags or something so the kids can do crafts or homework at that table. I just really like the uncluttered look of the open floor. We'll see how it goes.

Hubby and I spent the day together picking up stuff off Craigslist and going to the city to get a book at Books a Million and go to the mall. (Sears clearance clothes are 85% off with an additional 40% off the marked prices! I got hundreds of dollars worth of clothes that FIT! for $50. I was so psyched! ) Then we went to Starbucks and came home to make dinner. We had stopped for lunch in Jonesborough, TN which is a fabulous little town between here and the mall (it's where our church is too) and is about 30 minutes away. It's the oldest town in TN and is like being in an episode of Little House or Gunsmoke heh. We stopped at the Celtic store there and then went to a little southern diner for lunch. I got the blueplate special of soupbeans, mustard greens, fried cornbread, and fried taters (forgive me I'm Southern, it's "taters".) with onions, butter and chowchow on the side. Oh it was SO good. Home cooking is always better when you didn't have to cook it LOL. My hubby got a fried eggplant sandwich with fresh home grown tomatoes and lettuce. Very yummy. I took pics of the diner and the town, but they're on my camera and I'm at work (shhhh! It's a slow night hehe). I'll get them when I can and post them in a new post.

I should be getting pics of the girls' room and my living room too, but oh my poor kitchen. The dishwasher is most likely dead. I'm going to call the repair man tomorrow to come fix my dryer and my dishwasher, but if he can't fix it, we have to get a new one. Hubby found a brand new dishwasher at HHgregg for $200 with the warranty and everything, or I can get a used one at the repair guy's place for $100. Hmm decisions decisions. Well first of all, we have to see if ours can be fixed first of all. Have to get the dryer fixed! (The one that stopped heating back at the beginning of summer) because the free dryer I got off Freecycle finally died after about 2 weeks of chewing up more clothes than it allowed to live. It put holes in all the shirts my oldest bought on her trip to NY and in all but one of the new shirts I got my 13 yr old for school. ARGH!

Ok, work is getting busy, gotta go! Pics soon!
****UPDATE**** I did post with photos from this day finally!


  1. It sounds like you had a nice time with your DH. Congratulations on finding clothes that you like at a good price! Can't wait to see your pics both of the rooms and the outing. That town sounds like a nice place to see! :)

  2. 'Mama, it was really great, and it's so nice to go to my closet and not despair LOL. Over lunch, Hubby asked me what I would like to do for our 20th wedding anniversary which is in 2 years. He wants to plan now and save up for it so it's something we look forward to and actually accomplish. :) And we agreed we will go to Charleston and Savannah. I've wanted to go there since I was a lot younger. He's so sweet :)

  3. Looking forward to the pictures of the re-do. Thanks for the heads up about Sears clearance, I will have to go and look for grandkids! Enjoy your blog so much!


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