Our Day In Jonesborough, Tennessee

A while back I posted that my hubby and I spent the day in Jonesborough. We do tend to go out and have a great time when we have days off together. It helps us stay close as a couple. :)

This is the little Southern diner we had stopped at where Christopher had the fried eggplant sandwich.

I love the molding and the detail on ceiling. The exposed brick on the walls is fabulous too.

This is looking down the street after we left the diner. You might make out the sign for the Celtic Cupboard. I LOVE that store. They do in fact have a website.

Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee, and the architecture is so beautiful.

This is the Courthouse.

An old original church was restored years ago and is now The Parson's Table, which was a fine dining restaurant for many years. Now it can be booked for special occasions like wedding receptions and other parties, and they cater. They also have a website.

This 3 story house on top of the hill overlooking the town has always intrigued me.

This is the old Salt House which according to the sign in the window is for sale.

There are so many more beautiful buildings in town. I didn't get anywhere near getting pics of them all. If you're ever in the Northeast TN area, please check out this great town! http://www.historicjonesborough.com/


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! You always take amazing photos!! I am lovin' your camera! Have a great day. =)


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