Embarassing Pics And Can't Wait Til Tomorrow

Ok, so plans have changed. But that's OK!!

Hubby is off the weekend, and got off work today at 5pm, so we had our date night DVD, and talked about our weekend plans. He stood in the living room with me and we debated different layouts and how things should be. Finally, we came up with one that I think is perfect for our space.

In my last post here I posted the diagram of how my living room basically looks right now. The only real difference is we have a round dining table instead of the huge rectangle one. Oh also, my kitchen isn't that big, I realized I'd added space between the stove and the sink counter that I only wish was there I guess. Anyway, I used that diagram as a basis and finally, we came to an agreement on this new one...

You know what I like best??

(Sorry the pics I had up before were the wrong ones, but these diagrams are right.) :)

I'd been looking back at pics from when we first moved in... ahh those wonderful first days when the carpets were clean and there was only the stuff I'd unpacked. I really miss that feeling... especially when I look at the living room now.

See these were from the first few months...

And this is the same view right now (just took this pic)... remember I am REALLY keepin' it real here folks.

I deeply apologize that this pic is so large and shows so much grody detail.

Now, in my defense (kind of), I just spent the last 2 days blitz-shopping for Back To School for 3 kids. Overall, these kids are nothing like me in that I LOVED getting new school stuff and would immediately put paper in binders and get everything all ready and organized. My clothes would all be hung neatly and usually in groups of outfits I'd wear... I'm not kidding! Don't look at me like that! I was really an organized person once upon a time! I will say my (now)14 year old did obsess over her stuff for a while and got some of her stuff organized, but then lost interest and left the rest of her stuff strewn all over.

The white trash can is from the older girls' room (they're sharing a room now), and they threw it out here when they got a new green one. The black trash bag is full of Give-Away-Clothes that haven't made it to the van to go to the thrift store yet. Also, it seems my kids are capable of emptying grocery bags, but not putting them away to be re-used or even in the trashcan. The monkey on the floor is the dog toy. Oh, and be glad you can't see the other half of the dining table... that's where everything was pushed to so Zoe could sit down and eat dinner. Hubby and I ate in our room watching TV. We are up for Worst Parents Of The Year Award. Not really. I hope not anyway. Hey our kids are well loved and quite spoiled actually. Believe me. Anyway... that's seriously what my living room looks like right now.

A word of advice... do not go Back To School Shopping for a family of girls and let them go through everything the day before they leave for a camping trip.

Yep, my 12 and 14 yr olds are gone til Sunday night! I'm not really happy about them being gone because I dislike them or anything. They're actually really funny and witty, and hardly ever fight anymore (or I've just gotten really good at zoning that out). I'm happy because they will not be underfoot tomorrow!

Well, they won't be here to help either, but really... they don't anyway.

So, first thing in the morning, hubby is going to go rent a Rug Doctor YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! then come back and wake me up, and we'll get started on our game plan. There's a specific way it has to be done so that we move stuff out of an area to clean the carpet, then move stuff to another area. Since he is in charge of people and layouts and moving merchandise and fixtures at work, I told him he had to do the planning. I'm really stoked. Can't wait to see the real color of the carpet again and to have the house smell GOOD again.

I'll take After pics for sure, and maybe some During ones.

Have a great weekend y'all!!


  1. Your pics from when you first moved in are great. Cute decorating. :)

    We have rented carpet shampooers before- I was surprised by how well they worked.

    Sending you "energy" vibes through cyberspace. I bet you get a lot done without any little people to get in the way. ;P

  2. LOL I lOVE that you always keep it real! As much as those "perfect house" blogs can encourage or motivate you, it's also a little discouraging when you wonder what world they're living in...cause it ain't mine, ha!! I live in a house that's too small with too many people, 2 dogs (was 3) and a cat (was 2)and everybody's STUFF. I can get the house to looking good but it doesn't last for long. But at any rate, we've got lots of love, lots of activity and we're making lots of memories! Hope your cleaning and rearranging goes well and you get it exactly like you like it!! :)


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