The Master Bedroom After pics, FINALLY

Hey y'all!  I finally have taken pics of the master bedroom.  You might remember this post about how Christopher and I finally decided things needed to change around in the master bedroom. It was the only room large enough for me to have my office, and the setup we'd temporarily made was just not working.

This is one of the before pics.  It doesn't have my computer on it yet in this pic, but other than that, not a lot had changed.
My chair was to the left of the table here, and was between the table and the bed, right in the path to the bed and bathroom.  Also, my monitor at night lit up the whole bed area. I made a contraption to hang drapes around the bed to block the light which worked, but the whole thing was nuts and just not working. I knew there was tons of room in this space, we just weren't using it well.  I wish I had a pic of the other side of the room, but I'm sure I was always too mortified to take one. We had a huge round ottoman at the foot of the bed that Christopher refused to part with. but rather than being a place to sit and put on shoes or set a tray for snacks etc, it became a huge pile of junk.

So, as I discussed in the post I linked to above, we moved things around. Now this is what it looks like... I didn't pic up anything so there's still the cubby our folded clothes go in to take from the laundry room and I never took it back there. I'll do that after I post this. I need to vacuum again too, and dust, etc. But still it gives you an idea of the difference.

Since the big fridge is working again, we moved the mini fridge in here for our drinks like my Slim Fasts and C's Coke Zero.

I know this is messy.  I'm getting to that...

I have a lot of magazines...

I really prefer this set up instead of the ottoman.

As I said above, the desk/table is a mess...

Consider this my "Before" pic for this project. I had it nice and neat... well as well as it can be for what storage stuff I have on hand. I have some ideas for how better to organize it, but it means a trip to Staples or something and I can't afford that right now. Anyway, I tried setting up a second monitor for work, then realized my computer can't support a second monitor, so I got one of the spare computers the girls had used and tried it out. Then another.  Couldn't get anything to work. So it caused a huge mess and I never got it back to the way it should be, so it became a "hot spot" as Flylady would say. I think I'm just going to hold out for a notebook and use it for anything extra I might need to log into for work. It would be fine for moderating some of the sites we manage, while the more memory hoggish programs can stay on the main computer. But that's for another time.

Hopefully soon I'll have a nice pretty "After" pic of this desk for you. :)
Ok got to get to work, Have a great day!