Spray painted chandelier type light fixture in girls room.

As I alluded too a while back when I did the post on the distressed dresser for Rhiannon's room,  I did get something else to redo that day.

 I forgot of course, to take a pic of it all together for a "Before" photo.  But you can see it's a shiny brass light fixture with 5 glass bowl type "globes" which were so dirty I didn't even realize they were actually pretty under neath the grime.

I got spray primer for metal and a can of purple spray paint at Lowes, as well as 6 small clear round bulbs.  I didn't plan to put back the glass globe things at all. I thought it would look really cute without them, with just the bulbs.

I just LOVE how it turned out, but OMG I will never try to spray paint something like this unless I can somehow hang it to paint it.  Laying it one side then the other to paint it was a nightmare.

So, then we turned it on, and wow was it bright!  I'm glad I only got 40w bulbs instead of 60w.

So, then I showed it to Faelyn and Zoe.  Faelyn was the one most excited about it, but she decided she liked the glass globe things, so she put them in the dishwasher to see if they'd come clean.  They came out spotless and really pretty with etched details. So, we put them on, and here's the finished product!

It came out really nice, and the girls love it. Christopher really liked it too, and it ok with me finding other light fixtures at thrift stores and painting them. This one cost more than I'd wanted to spend on it, but I liked how it looked so I grabbed it anyway for $15.  I'm hoping to find more at less expensive thrift stores.

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Hope y'all are having a great week!