Mothers Day and my yard

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there, whether you gave birth, adopted, are a step mom, grandma, surrogate mom, a "second mom", or have furbabies (or any other kind of Mom I missed!)

My husband got me a card that made me cry (as always). Rhiannon made me banana bread. Faelyn made dinner on the grill since her dad was too tired from working 13 hours today and she also wrote me a very touching letter, they also helped clean my house, and Zoe made me a really nice hand made card. and Corina dropped by to wish me a Happy Mothers Day.

I had mowed the yard yesterday, so today I got my phone and went out to my back yard with my sun hat and listened to my Nora Roberts audio book as long as I could before getting interrupted by neighbor kids asking about Zoe and next door neighbors coming home. hehe.

I had gotten myself my Mothers Day present last week when I bought some marigolds, a potted plant, potting soil and caladiums.

My new caladiums with my hostas.

The potted plant fit perfectly in this old camping pot we had from hubby's grandparents. It's all rusted and rustIC.

The marigolds went into the veggie bed to help try to keep pests away.

This is the back corner of our yard. It used to always be shaded until the city came through and basically destroyed the trees behind the house.  Now, it's just shady where the hostas and caladiums are.

I like my old wooden step ladder even though the back legs rotted off.  I have it propped up against the tree so it can still hold pots and knickknack stuff.  The top one has sedum in it, which I hope will live well enough and spread over the side.  The second one down has a sweet potato vine which I hope will trail down the ladder.

My poor hotas.  The tiny one in the middle was planted in a spot where the dogs could reach with their new leads, and I didn't realize until it was maybe too late.  It's alive, but I don't know if it will ever get as big as the other two.  And yeah there's no grass in a lot of my yard. I have given up on growing grass lol. 

On the back porch, I have a container with an Early Girl tomato plant and a container with spinach seeds.

These were taken before I mowed. As bad as the non-grass areas look, the whole yard looks a lot better when it's mowed. I hate letting it go so long between mowings, but it was either too hot when I could mow, or it was raining until Saturday afternoon.

I am pretty proud of the above photo, though it doesn't look like much.  For like 3 years or so, there had been a pile of trash sitting there... old ruined tires, a trashcan full of stuff the dump won't take, broken lawn chairs, and old toys like the kitchen set, table, etc. I gave the kitchen and table to the new neighbor kids.  The bench went to the gardening spot to hold tools.  The trash was taken back to the back end of the house where it's mostly out of sight until I can manage to get the city to come pick it all up and get someone to haul it to the road for them.  So, this spot looks MUCH better than it did. I'd like to plant daylillies there.

The plant at the end of the spot by the corner is a comfry plant I got from my Mom. I moved it with me when we moved from the old house. I love the leaves and flowers. 

Also on this end of the house are the chairs...

 The red slip covers are all from one water resistant cloth table cloth from KMart. They're duct taped on the back of the chairs, but the tape doesn't like sticking to fabric very well and the old fabric it has to stick to is too brittle to staple or anything else, so I'll just keep fixing the duct tape I guess.
I don't have pics of how they looked before, but they were gross and moldy and no one wanted to sit on them.  The cushions were still cushy though, so I figured slip covering it was a good idea.

These are some of the seedlings coming up in the raised bed.

So there's my back yard and garden pics. I'll hopefully keep up with taking pics as the stuff grows and show as they change.

Hope y'all had a great Mothers Day!