My 21 Days to Get Organized Challenge Consolidation.

I had these links in my sidebar but they were taking up a lot of room, and I decided this was a better organized way of doing it. :)

 Day 1: Junk Drawer

 Day 2: Top of My Desk

 Day 3: Tupperware

 Day 4: Linen Closet

 Day 5: Under the Kitchen Sink

 Day 6: My Dresser

Day 7: The Pantry

 Day 8: The Coat Area

 Day 9: Toys!

Day 10: Laundry Room/Office

Day 11: The Icky Freezer

 Day 12: The Spice Cabinet/Drawer

Day 13: The Medicine Cabinet

Day 14: Under the Bathroom Sinks

Day 15: Medicine Storage 

Day 16: The Refrigerator

Day 17: Mail Organizing

Day 18: (Keepsakes)

Day 19: (Master Closet)

Day 20: (Photos)

Day 21: My Choice - My Buffet

As I actually finish the other 3 challenges I'll post about them and then add the links here.

There is one more I'd like to add.
I did an "After-After" post as well for another blog hop.

The Groundhog's Day After-After Post